IELTS for Work

IELTS for Work

IELTS General Training is designed for individuals applying for secondary education,
seeking work experience, or planning immigration to countries like Australia, Canada,
New Zealand, and the UK.

Test Format

The IELTS General Training test consists of four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

  • Listening Test (30 minutes): Candidates listen to four recordings by native English speakers and answer related questions.


  • Reading Test (60 minutes): Candidates must answer 40 questions that assess various reading skills such as understanding gist, main ideas, details, logical arguments, skimming, and identifying the writer’s attitudes, opinions, and intentions


  • Writing Test (60 minutes): Candidates complete two tasks covering topics of general interest relevant to the module being taken. 


  • Speaking Test (11-14 minutes): This test evaluates spoken English skills and is conducted in three parts, recorded for assessment purposes.

Test Administration

  • Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are administered on the same day
    consecutively, while the Speaking test may occur on the same day or within a
    week before or after the other tests.
  • Candidates can book their Speaking test slot online at their preferred date and
    time. If no slot is chosen within the specified period, one will be automatically


  • The fee for IELTS General Training varies based on the test format:
  • Paper-based: INR 17000
  • IELTS on Computer: INR 17000

Test Duration

  • The total test duration for IELTS General Training is 2 hours and 45 minutes

Please note that the IELTS fee is subject to change without prior notice.